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"Interesting." Benedict cocked a quizzical eyebrow, his hand lingering on the handset as his index finger tapped it in thoughtful staccato. The smoke from the Montecristo cigar billowed around his face as he took a slow puff of the finest Havana had to offer. Cocking his head to the side sharply, his sardonic gaze fell upon the letter on the desk infront of him.

It wasn't enough. Almost two hundred million dollars, and it didn't begin to touch on what Benedict wanted back. There was nothing more than contempt in his eyes as he scanned the document once more. Ocean was responsible, and he'd pay, not the insurance company. All he needed was confirmation, and then every last dollar would be bled from the man if necessary.

Benedict buzzed through to his P.A. "Have my car waiting at two. It seems I have an appointment with Mister Rothstein."

He didn't bother to call ahead. When Benedict's Mercedes rolled up in front of the Tangiers' front doors and his burly twin bodyguards exited before him, he already knew that Ace Rothstein was there. And that was all the information he needed to guarantee a private audience with the man.

Benedict adjusted his cravat with critical precision and stepped out of the car, stoic regard for his location as he smoothed out the immaculate cut of his suit and made his way up the crimson carpeted stairs into the foyer of the Tangiers, two steps ahead of his unsavory companions.

He'd barely make it past the slot machines and Mister Rothstein would be strolling towards him, straightening his tie, checking all angles no doubt, his casino manager and security tagging behind like obedient lapdogs.

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Character Application for tenebrae_nostro

Name: Terry Benedict
Fandom: Ocean's 11/12/13
Alignment: Sinner
PB: Andy Garcia

Latin male, Cuban origin, 38 years old, 6'1", Brown eyes.

Entrepreneur. Owner, hotels and casinos, including The Bellagio, The Mirage and The MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV. Recently acquired (via hostile takeover) The Xanadu, (also located in Las Vegas) which Benedict plans to demolish per plans to build a new theme resort and casino.

Single/Never Married.

Implicated but not charged on 3 counts of Tax Evasion, 2 counts Fraud. Deposed but never charged re: the 1996 disappearance of former Bellagio pit boss Sammy "The Toe" Giabana and Bellagio dealer Nick Attanasio, who were rumored to have been skimming from casino profits. As a Minor, arrested for Petty Theft in 1980; charges dropped.

Andy Garcia plays Terry Benedict, the target of Danny Ocean's heist.

"Benedict is a megalomaniacal control freak and ruthlessly expedient," says Soderbergh. "When he was negotiating with Reuben Tishkoff to take over his hotel and didn't feel they were moving quickly enough, he just cut Tishkoff off at the knees. He didn't think twice and he didn't look back."

Garcia was intrigued by the idea of playing such a vibrant villain. "Benedict owns three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas," Garcia says. "People in that position didn't get there by appointment. He's worked his way up and has a tremendous amount of self-assurance as well as a healthy ego. He's running an empire and likes to be in charge. And he can be ruthless. His character is so strong, so vivid, I thought I could do something with it and have some fun with the role."

"Because Terry Benedict is the enemy in the film," says Clooney, "it meant Andy had to come into a room of 11 guys who had been working together and bonding for a long time and be the character nobody likes. That's hard to do. Andy did it with reckless abandon. Between takes we'd be waiting around and making jokes. Then Steven would say ‘Action' and Andy would become this rat. He really made you want to get him!"

Andy Garcia's Terry Benedict is the perfect counterpoint for George Clooney's Danny Ocean," states Weintraub. "They're both excellent actors. And you can imagine Julia Roberts' Tess being with Andy and then you can imagine Danny taking her back."

For the purpose of Tenebrae Nostro, Terry is for the most part taken from the end of Ocean's 11. There are minor changes to the canon however, which have been dictated by previous roleplay with Danny's writer. His casinos' vaults were robbed by Danny Ocean and his team, but Danny took back Tess previous to the robbery.

For ease of play and negating the need for business acquisitions, Benedict's Vegas casinos and hotels are here in Tenebrae, if that's permissable. If not, I can alternatively have him acquire a new business venture in L.A.


Terry Benedict might be otherwise engaged at the moment, but by lunchtime tommorrow he will have seen the CCTV footage.

OOC Post

So anyone that needs to contact Benedict's writer has somewhere to post ;)